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To Our Old Tom Flavours

Whether it be the rich and warming combination of the original Old Tom, the velvety smooth of Chocolate Tom, or the sweet and fiery heat of Ginger Tom, there’s a Tom for everyone.

Old Tom Original

A Rich Warming Combination

Original Old Tom


Named after Robinsons' brewery cat, Old Tom is almost as old as the brewery itself. It is recognised, both nationally and internationally, as one of the most famous strong ales, winning some of the industry’s most prestigious awards including World’s Best Ale.

In recent years Robinsons’ Old Tom has been named by CAMRA as Supreme Champion Winter Beer of Britain no less than three times at the National Winter Ales Festival.

Contains: Malted

Superior dark, rich and warming strong ale with a cherry brandy like colour and character.

Booming balance of ripe malt, and peppery hops combined with roasted nut and chocolate flavours with a smoky richness.

Distinctive deep port wine finish with bitter hops balance complemented by heady, vinous aromas of dark fruit.

Looks Dark Chocolate
Smells Molasses, Vinous Fruit
Tastes Warming, Peppery, Rich
Bitterness 3.5
Sweetness 3
Old Tom Chocolate

Velvety Smooth and Indulgent

Chocolate Old Tom


Old Tom with chocolate is an indulgent rich combination of Robinsons’ award winning Old Tom and the finest cocoa. It is a superior full bodied strong ale filled with the flavour of ripe malt and velvety smooth chocolate teased together with an inspired touch of Madagascan bourbon vanilla.

Chocolate Tom is a deliciously indulgent addition to the Old Tom range, with a recipe developed by Robinsons and the renowned chocolatier Simon Dunn.

Contains: Malted BARLEY and WHEAT.

Superior, rich and warming speciality beer with a dark mahogany colour.

Distinctive 'natural' milky sweet chocolate palate balanced by underlying hop and roasted malt characters.

Looks Dark Mahogany
Smells Chocolate Molasses
Tastes Rich, Sweet, Chocolate, Roasted
Bitterness 2
Sweetness 3.5
Old Tom Ginger

An Infusion of Ginger

Ginger Old Tom


A subtle snap of ginger makes Ginger Tom a lively breed indeed, giving that lovely purring warmth for those cold winter nights or over ice for a refreshing summers drink.

Specially brewed using an infusion of Chinese bruised ginger root and botanical extracts, this warming speciality ale has a pronounced ginger and spiced herb palate complemented by a sweet roasted malt dryness and wonderful ginger afterburn.

Contains: Malted BARLEY.

Richly flavoured dark oak coloured ale with distinctive aromas of peppery spice and sweet ginger.

Looks Dark Oak
Smells Sweet Ginger, Peppery
Tastes Ginger, Spicy Herbs, Roasted Malts
Bitterness 4
Sweetness 3